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The Whirlwind


To fight the whirlwind and create a winnable game, the four disciplines of execution suggested by the authors of the book with the same title, are:

  1. Focus on the wildly important. Focus on less, and leave the other goals in normal. One wildly important goal, that needs special attention in order to succeed, defined by starting line, finishing line, and deadline.
  2. Act on the lead measures. Lead measures predict the probability of success, and are activities that can be directly influenced by the team.
  3. Keep a compelling scoreboard. Teams engage differently when they can see their progress. Think of a player’s scoreboard.
  4. Create a cadence of accountability. Fast-paced (e.g. weekly) rhythm of short team meetings that focus on the wildly important goal. Team members hold each other accountable on their contribution for the past week, and pledge their contribution for the next week.