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Innovation Architecture

Every CEO will at least give lip service to the idea that the world is moving faster and that we need to do a better job at innovation.
But if you go into an organization and ask people to describe their innovation system and practices, you get blank looks.
They have none.

(Gary Hamel, Harvard University)

What is your innovation architecture?

In order to unleash and focus its innovation potential, a company needs to build and continuously improve a top notch innovation architecture – the framework which makes relevant innovation happen.

Our contribution

We are a European affiliate of the Enterprise Development Group, a Silicon-Valley-based top tier innovation consulting firm, and work on the basis of the EDG Qandu process, offering

  • crowdsourced generation of initiatives
  • common language
  • development of value propositions
  • rapid idea improvement sessions
  • pitch of value propositions or business cases
  • decision making process

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The most powerful innovations are not those which put your product out of business, but those which put your business model out of business.