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Beyond Bureaucracy

Navigating Complex Environments

This is not a course, it’s an experience. – Ash Sheikh, Robot says culture

I look at situations in a different way now. – Xavier René-Corail, Semmle

The complex Human Being is the focus of my daily work. the understanding and tools help me deal with it routinely and create orientation. – Stefanie Schenk, Swisscom

It was mind-extending – once I understood it, I got more clarity and understanding in most situations. it has become a constant companion in the back of my head. – Anna Klainguti, Consultant

Tired of solving problems by throwing more bureaucracy at them? You do realise that complexity needs to be tackled in a fundamentally different way than order, but you cannot pinpoint precisely why and how? You may have heard of the VUCA world, of complex systems, of the Cynefin Framework – but what do you actually DO with it next week?

This 3-day workshop is for people who produce results with an organisation: line and project managers, Agile coaches, organisational developers. We explore the complexity of your own business environment with methods and tools that you can replicate at work. But beyond methods and tools, we want you to expand your mindset. Based on the Amber Compass, we deep dive into ways to develop the complexity savvyness of yourself and your organisation.


Your take-aways:

  • Understand what is fundamentally different in the complex part of your environment, and why that is so.
  • Map your own system to the Cynefin Framework, visualise it in various ways, and understand where and how to adapt your management practices.
  • Scan the evolutionary potential of the present, instead of planning from an ideal future.
  • Improve the practice of aligned autonomy, in order to de-centralise decision-making, and harmonise the common understanding of the nature of your purpose and context.
  • Learn to manage by heuristics and rules of thumb where objectives and fixed outcomes are not appropriate.
  • Learn to treat organisational structure as a phenomenon emerging from the connection of activities and contributions.
  • Explore the complexity of organisational culture and ways to treat it appropriately.
  • Explore oblique strategies and how to use them to facilitate emerging behaviour.
  • Explore a number of learning and facilitation methods that you can replicate with your own team.

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TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Palladio reserve the right to cancel or re-schedule the training. In the event of cancellation a full refund of the fees will be processed within 10 business days of notice. Registrants may cancel up until 3 weeks before the event, in the case of which a 10% processing fee will be detracted from the refund.

  • May 21, 2019 - May 23, 2019
    9:00 am - 4:30 pm
  • June 16, 2020 - June 18, 2020
    9:00 am - 4:30 pm


1104 Chemin du Malvan, Saint-Paul-de-Vence, 06570, France


The seminar takes place in a private villa in Saint-Paul de Vence, about 15 Min. from Nice Airport and well connected to Europan cities with Easy Jet. We believe it helps to create an atmosphere of relaxed concentration, away from the buzz of office blocks and large hotels. For the same reason, we keep the seminar limited to 12 participants.


Three rooms in the villa itself can be booked together with the course application. There are several bed and breakfast and small hotels within 10-20 minutes walking distance. They can be found on, and similar pages. We specially recommend the following:


Orion Tree Houses 


La Toile Blanche     


Les Bastides Saint-Paul