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The Amber Compass guides us to navigate in the complex world. It includes, from the centre outwards, a framework for understanding the nature of complexity, focus areas to pay particular attention to, and activities to engage in.

The purpose of the Compass is to build competence, instead of providing recipe-books. Behind the Compass, there are at the moment over sixty individual training units and tools, each with content and appropriate didactical methods, which allow us to customise an appropriate intervention to help your team or organisation become more effective in mastering complexity.


A good idea is only good at the right time and place. If you read a book, listen to a speaker, or watch a video, you may get new ideas that are very useful – somewhere, sometime. But they most certainly are not adapted to your context, and may come at the wrong moment.

This is why the best leaders take such ideas and weave them into their regular self-reflection. The problem with this: you tend to forget good ideas before you find the first instance to actually practice their application.

Bernhard Sterchi February 7, 2020

Perspectives, not Facts

You may remember the Greek government-dept crisis in the aftermath of 2008. What kind…

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Bernhard Sterchi January 17, 2020

The Story of Allthings

My friend Stefan Zanetti has always been an entrepreneur, if not by title, then…

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Bernhard Sterchi November 7, 2019

The Sorcerer's Apprentice in a Knight's Armour

At the peak of the Middle Ages, the Mallorcan monk Ramon Lull wrote a…

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Bernhard Sterchi July 24, 2019

So many Fish in the Ocean - somewhere

I am sitting on a beach and watching the ocean. On rare occasions, I…

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Bernhard Sterchi June 10, 2019

Nudge the System, Wag the Dog

When we think about perception, our first question is whether it is true or…

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Bernhard Sterchi February 17, 2019

How to be a Servant Leader, Center Stage

I don’t like the concept of servant leader too much. I think it is…

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